Pool Covers, Safety Fencing & Domes

Save time, save money, and make your pool safe

At Action Swimming Pool & Spa, our factory-trained professionals install new covers and safety fencing. We also repair or replace existing covers. Having many years of experience with automatic and manual pool covers, we are here to help you achieve worry free pool enjoyment.

Step-Saver, manual reel pool covers are out dated... Here are the benefits of an automatic pool cover:

  • Three covers in one; safety, solar, and winter
  • Provides maximum safety for your family, and all visitors to your pool area
  • Pool stays cleaner, protecting your pool and equipment
  • Reduce evaporation (very important in Colorado’s arid climate)
  • Save on chemical usage
  • Works as a giant solar collector adding heat to your water
  • Reduces heat loss up to 70%
  • Humidity control for indoor pools

Other Types of Pool Covers:

  • Winter, safety covers, available in mesh or solid
  • Spa covers
  • Solar covers and reel systems

Pool Safety Fencing:

Easily removable and attractive fencing that will keep young children and pets from gaining access to the swimming pool. The fencing consists of an open-weave mesh fabric, fiberglass or aluminum poles. There are options available regarding gates, colors, and installation; please contact us to discuss.

Pool Winter Domes:

Use your swimming Pool all year round. The dome can be removed for summer and set up again in colder weather.

Note: Although these barriers provide a higher degree of safety for your swimming pool they are not a substitute for parental supervision.

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