Water Exercise Equipment

The Biggest Selection of Water Exercise Equipment in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

The Action Swimming Pool & Spa retail store located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado at 5168 Parfet Street, Unit I has a wide selection of water exercise equipment and accessories from the leading manufacturers. We maintain a steady stock of exercise equipment classics and rotate a fresh selection of the newest products. Come in and check it out!


Champion Kick Board

For optimal control and comfort, the Champion promotes correct body positioning and form during training.

Streamline design improves technique, promoting faster and easier flip turns. Adult size only.

  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Embossed surface for better grip
  • Several hand position locations and contoured side grips improve comfort and control


Hand Bars

BeneFit Hand Bars offer an effective underwater, upper body workout.

  • Comfortable, non-slip grips keep the bars stable
  • Exceptional resistance for arm, back and chest work
  • Sold in pairs of two 5-1/2” x 2-1/2” floats on a 12” bar


Deluxe Exercise Kit

Benefit exercise kits are made with Aqua Cell foam which provides buoyant, soft and nonabrasive components to optimize your workout.

All-in-one aquatic fitness kit complete with everything needed for a superior aquatic workout including a snug, form-fitting jogger belt, two hand bars with non-slip grips, two fully-adjustable ankle cuffs and an informative aquatic exercise therapy poster featuring important tips for using your Benefit equipment

Top quality components enhance performance and comfort.

Training Leash

Training Leash

  • 20’ rubber tubing for resistance swim out and speed-assisted swim back.
  • For 25 meter or 25 yard pool
  • Comfort belt holds leash securely around waist
  • Mesh carry bag

Padded Bar Float

Padded Bar Float

  • Padded grip adds comfort & reduces white knuckle effect

Resistance Bells

Resistance Bells

  • Soft foam covered handles reduces white knuckle effect
  • Closed cell EVA buoys are nonabrasive to skin & fabrics
  • Won't chip or absorb water


Water Ankle Weights

  • Water ankle weights are perfect for water aerobics and exercises



Color coded sizes: Medium, Large

  • Excellent for deep water relaxation or spinal traction
  • Aids vertical suspension for deep water exercises
  • Add second pair for horizontal suspension
  • Stabilizing design with 5" arm holes
  • Soft, durable closed cell EVA foam

Water Exercise Tips

Water exercise is low-impact and a great way to work out and stay in shape!

We carry a variety of workout products to enhance your water workout and help you stay in shape. Come in and see our selection and pick out the right gear for you! Check out some of the water exercises below to get you started.

Lateral Raises

Stand in shoulder-deep water with your arms down by your side. Slowly raise both arms up to the water level. Pause, slowly lower your arms, and repeat. Water bells are a good addition to this exercise as you build up stamina!

Swim/Walk Laps

Interval training exercise, swimming 1 to 2 laps and then walking 1 to 2 laps around the pool. Any type of form will work for swimming laps. Flotation belts are great to help you walk or jog in the water!